Customer Experience

Customer Experience


morning is a fintech startup company. we are developing an innovative and advanced digital platform for self-employed individuals, with over 120,000 customers.

we enable our customers to efficiently and conveniently manage their businesses while assisting them in optimizing their operations through a wide range of products that save them time, ultimately improving their quality of life.

we are looking for customer experience who are passionate about providing high-quality customer service. they should have the ability to see the bigger picture and work towards enhancing customer utility within the system by identifying customer needs and tailoring relevant solutions.

this is a unique opportunity to join a department that is the heart of the organization and plays a significant role in morning's success. it's a dynamic and adaptable department that aligns itself with customer and organizational needs to achieve business goals.

availability is required for the start of the training course on 1/1/24


  • at least one year of experience in customer service and sales in face-to-face /digital (written)/ phone communication.
  • ability to identify customer needs and take proactive steps to provide value to the customer and support business goals.
  • strong written communication skills.
  • adaptability to change and flexibility
  • ability to work under pressure and meet goals.
  • availability for a full-time position- must.


  • previous experience in digital customer service/sales.
  • previous experience with saas (software as a service) companies.

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